Mother’s Day: Top 10 Movie Moms

Mother’s Day falls on 05/13/18 this year. To commemorate, I am going to be doing a top 10 list of the best moms in cinema. This list will be completely my opinion, so feel free to give me some feedback, whether you agree of disagree in the comments section below.

There are a whole heap of movie moms that I can chose from, but I am going to try to keep the list to a max of 10. Because this list is going to be made up of my opinion, I am only going to be able to speak on movies that I have personally seen, so if I miss a major one that you hold dear, bear with me, and drop it in the comments below.


10: Beatrix Kiddo (AKA The Bride) – “Kill Bill” franchise

Some ultra casual fans of the Tarantino series of Kill Bill films might be a tad bit surprised at this entry on the list as the over 4 total hours of the first and second installment tend to involve way more martial arts fighting moves, knife/swordplay, cursing, and blood-spray than good parenting, but at the core of Beatrix’s (played by Uma Thurman) mission to “Kill Bill” is actually a mission to avenge not only her own “death” at his hands and get even after his betrayal, but also to avenger what she thought was the death of her unborn child. After plowing her way through rows and rows of enemies and finally reaching her final adversary, she finds out that her daughter was alive after all this time. She has a final nostalgic conversation with Bill before their final face off. After defeating her final foe she takes her daughter and they go on to live the life that they always wanted.


9: Mrs. Gump – “Forrest Gump”

Behind every successful man there is a woman called “momma”. Mrs. Gump, played by Sally Field, who is on this list twice, is a mom that made sure to instill all of the wisdom she could muster into her child. She made sure to care for and unconditionally love him despite any and everything. She defends her child from all adversaries he may face, including his own school principle, who after calling Forrest “different” and denying him entry into the public school system, she unselfishly slept with just to get him enrolled. She is also the source of all of Forrest’s “My momma always used to say…” proverbs.


8: Evelyn Abbott – “A Quiet Place”

Portrayed by Emily Blunt, Evelyn is a mom that is trying her best. She goes through the movie with a heavy weight on her shoulders from an early accident in the film that she blames on herself. Despite this she goes above and beyond to give her children, and child to come, a great life, even though they live in a world that is overrun by blind and anosmic monsters with such a heightened sense of hearing that any small sound can lead them directly to the sound with an almost always fatal directness. She decorates the bunker that the family lives in, giving it a loving and tender aesthetic that only a mother’s touch can have. She also has a pretty great arc through the film, without giving to much away, she always finds a way to connect with her children and do everything she can for the betterment of her family.


7: Helen Parr (AKA Elastigirl) – “The Incredibles”

Helen is one half super-heroine, and one half super-mom. With the ability to stretch and manipulate her body in an almost limitless number of ways she is able to both protect the world from threats it may encounter, as well as use her abilities to benefit her family. She gave up her position as a super-heroine to start a family with her husband Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible), and they had 3 gifted children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Through the movie she does everything in her power to protect everyone, even helping her kids to use their powers in the mission to save their father. She never lets the situation around her get the upper hand and keeps a calm and confident demeanor until the movie’s end.


6: Ellen Ripley – “Aliens”

Throughout the Alien(s) franchise Sigourney Weaver has played Lt. Ripley and has portrayed her a one of, if not the most, kick-ass characters in cinema history. The 3rd film in the series takes place over 50 years after the last film, (hyper-sleep FTW), but as the movie progresses it hits all of the necessary Alien ticks, with one added thing, the locating of a young Xenomorph survivor (Rebecca “Newt” Jorden). Ripley has to do all of her normal ass-kicking, but also is allowed to peel a few layers back as we get to see her maternal instincts kick in as she tries to save and protect the young lady from harm.


5: May Parker – “Spider-Man” franchise

May “Aunt May” Parker has been portrayed by 3 phenomenal actresses in 3 different adaptations of Marvel’s Spider-Man. She was played by Rosemary Ann Harris, Sally Field, and Marisa Tomei, in Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 1-3, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 1-2, and Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming, respectively. All 3 of these performances brought something new to the role, but they all pertained the underlying love felt for our star and hero Peter Parker. After Peter’s parents die in a mysterious accident May and her husband Ben take in their nephew and raise him as their own. In all of the Spider-Man stories that I am aware of Uncle Ben passes away leaving Aunt May to raise the now high-school age Peter as he copes with his personal life and his newfound powers. Aunt May is always his rock, able to give him some wise advice, a hot meal, and warm hug whenever he needs it, and in the life of a teenage, and even adult, super-hero this is almost all the time.


4: Leigh Anne Tuohy – “The Blind Side”

Leigh Anne Tuohy, portrayed by Sandra Bullock, is a great example of how much love a mother can dish out. She was already the matriarch of a full family having her husband Sean, and her children Collins and Sean (SJ) Jr. She had a successful career and a stable life, yet when given the opportunity to bring someone new into her home and her family she jumps at it. She brings in Michael and not only gives him a food and a place to lay his head, but also invests in his schooling, helps him to pursue his dream football career, and provides all of the mental and emotional support that he needed desperately.


3: Maria von Trapp – “The Sound of Music”

Maria Von Trapp, played by the great Julie Andrews, is the epitome of compassion and happiness. After getting hired to watch over the seven children of Navy captain Georg Von Trapp, she takes all of the initiative that she could muster to give these children a better and more enjoyable life. From bringing them out of the house and on various adventures, to making them clothes out of some very unorthodox materials, to comforting them during a thunderstorm, all the while singing. After helping the kids with their individual personal problems, she still had time to unfreeze the heart of the very morose Georg. All in all, she was able to turn the house on its head and have all of us hoping our babysitter, nanny, step-mom, or other maternal figures will bring the same temperament.


2: Sarah Conner – “Terminator” franchise

Sarah Conner is another franchise character that has been played by a couple of actresses, but for this list I will be focusing on the portrayal by Linda Hamilton. She plays the cool headed movie mom dedicated to protecting not only her son (who is the key for the resistance in the future), but the whole world. She is on the pedestal with women like the aforementioned Lt. Ripley for most bad-ass movie heroines, and it it pretty easy to see why.


1: Molly Weasley – “Harry Potter” franchise

As a nerd one of my favorite franchises would have to be the Harry Potter series. Because of this I may be a tad biased with this pick being this high, but after doing a recent re-watch of the series it came bubbling to the surface something very important, without Molly Weasley, played by Julie Walters, was one of the best mothers I have ever seen on the big screen. She does a great job taking care of her 7 kids, and still has enough heart to basically be a mother to our titular star Harry. She is with him for his first trip to Hogwarts, his first trip to Diagon Alley, offered a shelter to him during his time away from school, and skipping ahead, was more than willing to dive into the fray of battle with one of the big bad’s best lieutenants, Bellatrix Lestrange, after she threatened her daughter Ginny. Molly was the best that she could be and did the best that she could with what she had to offer, making her my top cinema mom.

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