May Comic Spotlight

~This month’s list is going up a tad bit late because of scheduling issues, after this month we will be back on track and aiming for a 25th-30th release going forward. Thank you for reading.~

Punisher Max

This comic should be on everyone’s “read before you die” list, and after finally reading it front to back I can see why. This comic shines a light on one of Marvels grittiest and least kid friendly characters and being published under their “Max” comic line allowed the writers and artists to truly make Frank Castle as transparent as possible. He is a man that has a sick love for death, some buried anger towards the evil in the world, and after facing the biggest tragedy a man can face decides to channel that into becoming a one man army, and single-handedly putting down everyone he feels is in the wrong.


This is another classic must read that I’ve finally had a chance to pick up and fly through. Mark Millar hits all of those feelings we had as a kid of being a superhero and wanting to fight crime and gives us the personification of that in characters like Hit-Girl, Red Mist, and the titular Kick-Ass himself. He uses a story that pulls from some superhero tropes, but does it knowingly, with most of the characters in the story being big Marvel or DC fans themselves. Kick-Ass is a book that can be taken at face value: a non-super powered superhero origin story, or it can be taken as a satire of society and what it means to be a hero, as well as a short commentary on the mind of man and policing. Whichever way you look at it, this sometimes gory, always hilarious book is a must read.

Morning Glories

My last spotlight comic of the month is another Image Comics gem. This comic is still fairly recent, at least compared to my other picks this month. This story, written by Nick Spencer, is about a prep school and the students and staff residing there. As the story unwinds we get a glimpse of the mysterious secrets the school hides, and we begin to doubt who can be trusted and who is secretly involved with the ulterior motives. It is a great read, that lets you get to know just enough about each character to be invested in their stories, yet it still allows itself the time and the patience to peel their individual layers back one by one as the story progresses.

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